Mofota Family

Until December 2012, ‘Matiisetso a 45 year old woman lived with her granddaughter Mathapelo (8 years) and her grandson Bokang (3 years).Together, they lived in a borrowed house after Matiisetso’s house was destroyed by heavy rainfall in 2011 and she could not afford to rebuild it. Mathapelo lost her mother three years ago while Bokang lost his a year ago. During our initial visit to the family, Matiisetso expressed fear that they would be evicted out of the borrowed roundavel which is built with rough stone and mud and roofed with thatch. The house had broken windows.

Unfortunately, about four months ago, Mathapelo and Bokang lost their grandmother who had been ailing for a while now. Thankfully, the late Matiisetso had a portion of land that she had just transferred to her grandchildren enabling Habitat Lesotho to construct a home for them in a secured property without fear of the children been evicted b older relatives or neighbours.
Today Mathapelo and Bokang are living in a beautiful two roomed house and also have a ventilated improved pit latrine allowing them access to clean and safe sanitation facilities – a major contributor to health outcomes especially amongst children. Mathapelo and Bokang now live with an aunty, who moved in after the death of their grandmother, to look after them. The community led by the community chief has ensured the children’s needs are met by managing a small resource fund that Habitat Lesotho received from a well wisher for the children.

Many children like Mathapelo and Bokang are orphaned and vulnerable at an early age in Lesotho. Through Habitat Lesotho’s OVC housing program, we are able to make a meaningful transformation to the lives of such children giving them a chance to break out of poverty cycles. Habitat Lesotho works in partnership with local communities, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), NGOs and community councils to ensure OVC families receive an all round solution to the challenges facing them.
Mathapelo and Bokang with their aunty (standing in the middle) and other relatives in-front of their new home soon after their grandmother’s burial ceremony.

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Providing shelter for low income and vulnerable groups.

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